3rd Grade

Dear Soon-to-be-Third-Graders,

Are you excited for third grade? You are being asked to read a minimum of THREE BOOKS this summer on your own or with a more experienced reader. You may choose any author across various genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Summer is a wonderful time to visit your public library and explore new books and authors.

Please complete the fun book projects explained below for TWO of the books you select. In addition, please list ANY AND ALL books you read on the attached reading log.

Book Project #1 needs to be based on a fictional chapter book. During your first week back at school, you will be presenting a “Sticks in a Can” book report. Full instructions are attached.

Book Project #2 can be about any book of your choosing. Tell us more about your book. Please write a postcard telling about what you read! Include the title and a description of your favorite part. If there is room for a picture, it would be a good detail to add. We will decorate a bulletin board in the library with your postcards. Please send your postcard to this address:

Mrs. Wong

Applewild School

120 Prospect Street

Fitchburg, MA 01420

Enjoy your summer while continuing to read each and every day!

Use this form to track the books you read.

Book Project #1