6th Grade Social Studies Research

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Here are some great resources to start your exploration!

Ancient & Medieval World

This is the perfect place to start your research! This resource is designed to support the work you are doing this year. There are articles, images, and even some videos.

This resource requires a login & password from this Google Doc.

Britannica has a lot of good, basic information. On each of the topics, be sure to try the "Related topics" or "Web's Best Sites" to research your topic even further.

Middle School - Gale in Context has many types of resources within it: encyclopedia articles, magazine articles, videos, images, and more. Your searches can bring you up a lot of results; be sure to take your time and determine what you are looking for (Reference, Biographies, Primary Sources, Magazines, and Images are good options).

Biography - Gale in Context This resource is all about biographies of people. If your topic is an historical figure, or it refers to one, this is a great place to start.

Credo Source contains hundreds of e-books - including popular DK titles, images, and more. Topic searches in Credo source will also pull up content found in our other subscription databases (History in Context, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.)

This resource requires a login & password from this Google Doc.

World History - Gale in Context This resource includes a lot of the content from Middle School, and then many more resources geared to older audiences (high school - adult). If you are really stuck, this might be a good option.